Quinnipiac File Transfer Service


If you are uploading Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 (files with extensions such as PPTX, DOCX, XLSX) the current system needs you to 1) save the file in an earlier format (“save as” PPT, DOC, XLS) or 2) zip the file (“send to” compressed (zip) format) before uploading the file. This problem is under active investigation.

This service provides large file transfers.

Send a link to your document, rather than attaching the document to your email.

This service is for Quinnipiac members only (either sender and/or receiver).

This application is intended to be used by faculty and staff at Quinnipiac both within the community and in correspondence with individuals outside of Quinnipiac. Either the sender or receiver of the document must reside at the Quinnipiac campus and have a Quinnipiac.edu address.

You are subject to the terms of Acceptable Use.  If this is your first time, take a moment to review these terms.

The maximum file size is 150 MB.

The maximum file size is 150 MB. This limit is enforced after you upload your file. Your file will not be rejected until after your transfer completes.

Files are deleted after 14 days.

Files uploaded to this server will be retained for only 14 days. This service is intended for file sharing, not for long term storage.

Save the link displayed after uploading.

After your file upload completes, you will be shown a link that can be used to retrieve your file. Cut and paste this link into your Email client and send it to your intended recipient(s).